Highland Square Film Festival


Interview: Brian O’Donnell

The 2022 Highland Square Film Festival takes place on Saturday, May 14th. And you want to be sure to get your tickets and be there bright and early because this year’s keynote speaker is Brian O’Donnell.

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The Piano Jazz Project


Piano Jazz: Charlie Watts and Tim Ries

I will admit that I was surprised to see Charlie Watts show up in the episodes of “Piano Jazz.” If you listen to music, chances are you know who he is. Until his death in August of 2021, he played with the Rolling Stones for almost sixty years.

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Love To the World

In this mix I explore the world of love through some pretty deep disco tracks. Many different types of love are represented here in what I hope is a very uplifting mix.

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Remembering Those Days

For me this one sounded like a guy looking back over a period of his life. Fond memories and painful ones emerge. Lessons were learned. And in the end, life moved on.

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